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These are links not included elsewhere, but which you can refer to if you are looking for someone to do my excel project for me to improve your overall success rates. See also 'NHS on the Web', and 'Institutions & Organisations'.

For further links, use the search engines or subject gateways on the 'Searching the Internet' page or visit the National electronic Library for Health (NeLH).

A - Z List

AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGiS)

Alternative Medicine

BMJ Careers

British National Formulary (BNF)

CHAIN. Contact, help, advice and information network for effective health care.

Clearing House for Health Outcomes

CNN's Health News Brief

DocDat: Directory of Clinical Databases. Contains details of UK clinical databases, for the purposes of clinical governance, health services management and research. 

Doctor's Guide to Medical News

Doctor's Net Provides a single access point to discussion forums, databases and e-mail facilities for all GMC registered doctors.

Health Evidence Bulletins - Wales. Summaries of best current evidence on a range of topics. Many bulletins still in preparation.

Health on the Net

Health related reports: short and official titles. Prepared by Liverpool John Moores University Library.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Healthweb. Useful subject database of health related sites. Very strong United States bias.

Health World


Independent Inquiry into Inequalities in Health

LondonLInks. London health libraries.

Mediconf - Medical Conferences Search by speciality or place for forthcoming conferences.Covers topics such as nursing and health management in addition to medicine

Medic8. UK Medical Directory of peer-reviewed resources such as databases, online textbooks and organisations


NeLH - National Electronic Library for Health


Our Healther Nation

Reuters Health Information Services

ScHARR - School of Health & Related Research, University of Sheffield. Useful pages on evidence-based medicine including ScHARR-Lock's Guide to the Evidence and Guide to Netting the Evidence

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