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All of these are available for use by Library members within the library, you can also read interview essay from https://essaysleader.com/write-an-interview-essay/ to understand what books you need. Laser printing is available at 5p per page.

Quick Reference Location
A-Z Greater London M25. 1999 Book Room PC 1
British pharmacopoeia 1999: complete edition CD.  Book Room PC 1
Compendium of health statistics. 2001 Book Room PC 3
Compton's encyclopedia 2000 deluxe.  Book Room PC 3
The concise Oxford English dictionary. 9th ed. 1999. Book Room PC 1
Dorland's electronic medical dictionary. 29th ed. 2000. Book Room PC 3
Encyclopaedia Britannica: deluxe 2000.  Book Room PC 3
IHM yearbook 2002/2003 on CD-ROM  Book Room PC 3
The Merck manual on CD-ROM. 17th ed.  1999. Book Room PC 1
Merriam-Webster's medical dictionary.  1997. Book Room PC 1
Mosby's medical encyclopedia: the complete home medical reference.  1999 Book Room PC 1
Ordnance Survey interactive atlas of Great Britain. 4th ed.  1999. Book Room PC 1
The Oxford dictionary of quotations.  1999. Book Room PC 1
The Oxford thesaurus. 1999.  Book Room PC 1
UK - info disk 2000.  Book Room PC 2
Nursing and Allied Health Location
Electronic manual of clinical dietetics. 1999. Book Room PC 2
Hepatitis and the nurse practitioner: an interactive compendium of interviews and presentations.  2000 Book Room PC 2
Mosby's 2000 rapid reference nursing library. 1999 Book Room PC 1
Nursing procedures: the interactive guide to better clinical skills. Springhouse: 2000. Book Room PC 2
Supervision in action: a guide for midwives: the CD-ROM.  1999. Book Room PC 1
Medicine Location
Atlas of clinical neurology. 1998 Book Room PC 1
Atlas of respiratory tract infection. 1996 Book Room PC 2
Alternative remedies CD-ROM. 1999 Book Room PC 1
CD-ROM clinical examination. 2nd ed. 1997 Network Room PC 4
Cecil textbook of medicine. 21st ed. 2000 Book Room PC 3
Clinical oncology. 2001 Book Room PC 1
Clinical medicine. 2nd ed. 1999. Book Room PC 2
Evidence-based gastroenterology. 2001 Book Room PC 3
Evidence-based pediatrics. 2000. Book Room PC 2
Ferri's clinical advisor: instant diagnosis and treatment and patient teaching guides. 2000. Book Room PC 3
How to use an automated external defibrillator.  2000. Book Room PC 1
The human 3D. 1998 Book Room PC 2
Interactive embryology: the human embryo program. 1999. Book Room PC 2
Interactive haematology imagebank with self assessment. 1999. Book Room PC 1
Interactive rheumatology tutor: a multimedia guide to clinical rheumatology. 1997. Book Room PC 3
Kaplan and Sadock's comprehensive textbook of psychiatry on CD-ROM. 7th ed.  2000. Book Room PC 1
Medical procedures: central venous and arterial line insertion.  2000. Book Room PC 1
Mosby's rounds: interactive case studies: number 1: internal medicine. 2000. Book Room PC 2
Nelson's textbook of paediatrics. 16th ed.  2000. Book Room PC 1
Obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatology. (Colour guides.)  2000. Book Room PCs 1 and 3
Oxford textbook of medicine on compact disk. 3rd. ed. 1996. Book Room PC 1
Oxford textbook of surgery on CD-ROM. 2nd ed. 2000. Book Room PC 1
Pediatric clinical guidelines and policies. 2001. Book Room PC 3
Principles of surgery.  1999. Book Room PC 1
Resuscitation as easy as ABC.  2000. Book Room PC 1
Statistics for the terrified: version 4.0. 1999 Book Room PC 3
Sylvius 2.0: fundamental of human neural structure. 2000. Book Room PC 1
Textbook of primary care medicine.  2000. Book Room PC 1
Visual red book 2000 on CD-ROM. 25th ed.  Book Room PC 3
Voxel-man 3D-navigator: brain and skull Book Room PC 3
Voxel-man 3D-navigator: internal organs Book Room PC 3
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